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Irreverent and topical British skit-based comedy show, hosted by ex national radio personality Neal Veglio.

It would be an exaggeration to suggest that I quit the radio business just to get the above title for this podcast, but that IS the kind of idiot that I am.

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Aug 20, 2019

This sixth full length episode is brought to you by Gregory's Tree, and features the following chaos.


"It Drives Me Crazy" (Twitter parody song)

A rant about Twitter

Inside A Woman's Head - she rails on the month of August

Weird Oven Door stuff -

Drama! - features an angry Facebook rant about a 'druggie'

Guess The Sound - can you identify what the f*&k this sound is?

Inside A Child's Head - he's bemused by mummy's jealousy

Guess The Sound - big reveal!

Ask Alexa responds to a question about K-Pop from listener Tanya in London

#SmartCarLove - a heartfelt charity campaign from Twitter's Fudgecrumpet

Uno playing spoiled daughter

Am I Wrong addresses a listener's dilemma about a joint holiday with an ex

Street Speak checks in wiv da word 'Long'

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